Let This Stand As a Record

You: Enterprising reporter.
Me: At the bottom of an elevator shaft.
You: Working on a story for your newspaper about a bunch of people who died when an elevator crashed to the ground suddenly, combing through the deceaseds’ online footprints in the highly unlikely event that any of them ever said anything about their elevator at work.
Me: Writing an email: Let this stand as my record that if our elevator at work ever kills me, everyone knew it was a piece of junk, and we always knew it would kill someone. And, while I harbor an acute fear of flying, the last thing I probably thought was that instead of dying in a metal tube flying at 500 mph, I died in a metal tube at work. I hope I finished whatever book I was last reading.

On a side note, the SteepandCheap era is over. For years I’ve been posting whatever content I slotted in there here. It was easy, a place to share my inane stories and, perhaps, build up a bit of a following. Well, I have some news, we’re all on our own now. Continuing me email (blog, whatever) I feel a bit like Don West walking around in his Batman outfit after he’s been told not to. Then again this has more of a friendly, intimate feel to it. (Not that kind of intimate, please don’t send me any photos). Moving forward, I’m going to post here. Every. Single. Day. (Monday to Friday only.) The posts will go up at about 4am and will go out via email at the exact same time. I’m going to post through the weekend since this is my first time out.

So, thanks for signing up for the email, share it with your friends. Let’s have story time with our first cup of coffee in the a.m.

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