The Time I Was Not a Very Good Employee

I used to work at a gear shop that sold and repaired camping and climbing gear. In hindsight, I was not a good employee. I worked there while planning my relocation from the Midwest to somewhere out west, so I'd spend all of my time on the company computer (also the cash register) looking at ski resort stats and deciding where to apply. My boss (one of those guys so far beyond the term "laid back" that you worry you'll have to create a brand new term to describe his relaxed nature) noticed my lack of work and began giving me tasks, a new method of management for him after 20 years in the business. The problem is that nothing in our shop would take longer than 15 minutes. I'd tag some clothes, fix a camp stove (pro tip: camps stoves cannot burn Citronella), wax some skis, then go back to looking at ski resorts online. In the end I moved and ended up with several jobs where I'm required to do actual work. It's still up for debate whether it was a good move or not.

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