A Positive Attitude

Every few months during middle school our normal classes would be canceled and we'd all be herded into our massive gymnasium to sit in the bleachers and listen to the latest motivational speaker that our principal had fallen in love with. I remember only one of them. He stuck in my brain not because he yelled the word "Attitude!" over and over, but because a week after we'd heard his talk, our gym teacher wore a shirt to class that said, "Attitude!" I knew even then that this was no mere coincidence. I found it hard to believe even then that any human being could take these speakers seriously, but my gym teacher seemed like a rational person, so I thought that perhaps there is something to bringing a positive attitude. I tried my best to embrace this notion, and I almost made it through that full gym class. Now I find myself wishing there was a nationwide registry for motivational speakers, because I'd like that to look this guy up and find out what happened to him. I'm guessing jail for his work as a con man.

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