Trying New Sports

On Saturday I hit golf balls as hard as I could trying to shoot them over a ring of protective netting. Each time the ball flew off the tee I thought it was out of the park. It always fell well short, but it was enough enticement to grip the club a bit tighter and swing a little harder. The next day my left wrist was so swollen that I thought I was in danger of my hand falling off. I lived on a steady diet of ibuprofen. Two days later I went to the gym and, at a friend's suggestion, tried doing squats for the first time. I did 12 using only the bar with no weights on. To get back to the locker room I had to walk up four steps; both of my legs cramped on the way up. I cannot comfortably sit down or stand up, but sitting is worse since it's my instinct to reach back with my left hand to slow myself, and I've reaggravated my golf injury from a few days prior. It's as if I aged 40 years overnight. This is why I must stick to cycling.

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