Book Store Hero

I was at a Barnes and Noble the other day and noticed a woman gathering stacks of books and bringing them back to the in-house Starbucks. She had a laptop and notebook and looked like she was settling in for a lengthy study session. Once while she was away gathering another armload of books, one of the clerks stopped by and saw the table littered with books. I assume he thought they'd been abandoned so he scooped them up and returned them to the shelves. The woman came back to the table livid, who'd taken her books!? She found someone wearing a Barnes and Noble name tag she could scream at, and she didn't hold back. I felt bad for the poor clerk who could do nothing but apologize even though he'd done nothing wrong. Next time I see someone abusing helpless salespeople, I'm going to be the guy who wades into it and defends the defenseless clerk. I'll be like Batman for Barnes and Nobel, standing up for people who can't do it themselves. I assume I will either get arrested or tasered, but it's not like Batman had it easy either.

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