The Fruit Cart

Most days on my ride into work I'll stop by a guy who sells fruit from a cart on the sidewalk and buy an apple and a banana. The banana is $.35 and the apple is $.75, but he cuts me a package deal and gives it to me for $1.00. This relationship is convenient for me because even when I have no cash in my wallet I can dig four quarters out of my change jar and still buy part of my breakfast and an afternoon snack for the day. But at some point the nickel design changed making it look more like a quarter, and in my pre-coffee haze I've tried to pass off three quarters and a nickel as four quarters to my fruit vendor. Now I've done it three times. Two, he could see that as a coincidence, but three? This guy has to think I'm trying to scam him, and after he's been giving me such a great deal for years he must feel betrayed. I figured out how I'm going to make it up to him. Next time I see one of those huge oversized quarters that they sell at places like Mount Rushmore and the Washington Monument, I'm going to buy four of those hockey-puck-sized things and use them to pay for my fruit.

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