The A/V Club

My high school used to have a group of kids who volunteered that was called the Audio/Visual Club. It operated in a gray area. The kids would volunteer during the school day, and they'd help teachers get the TVs and VCRs on the correct settings so they could show movies, and they'd answer questions about computers. It's unclear to me how they got out of class to perform these duties, and exactly how the school got away with using them for free, but as computer use increased in the school system their skills became more and more valuable to the school. I was thinking about those kids the other day and realized that our A/V Club was my school's first (and only free) IT department. Also, I remembered that one of those kids once wrote a video game program based on the book Jason and Argonauts instead of writing a book report. I'd be will to bet that all those guy and girls from the A/V club make insane amounts of money today. I'd love to be invited to one of their A/V Club reunions.

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