Dr. Love

I was at the doctor for a check-up the other day. I don't know the doctor well, but in my few dealings with him he'd been patient and thorough. When I was getting checked in for an appointment where I'd be put under a general anesthetic, the woman checking me in asked who I was seeing and I told her. Her face brightened and she said, "He's the best." This made me feel good since there are a lot of doctors where I go, and then she went on. "He's a very kind doctor." Okay, I thought. Then, "He's a very loving doctor." I'm not sure if something was lost in translation there or what I was supposed to take away from the conversation, but the woman was so serious when she said it that it unnerved me. What could that even mean...loving doctor? Anyway, the visit went well. I'll recommend the guy, but I'm leaving out that stuff about being loving.

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