Friday Every Day

My sixth grade teacher once said, "Don't you wish every day was Friday?" and our class agreed with great enthusiasm. Then he told us that if every day was Friday, we'd be in school every day. I questioned his skill at motivating his students to learn back then, but today I wonder, "Would we know that the next day would always be Friday, or would this be a Groundhog's Day scenario where we endlessly repeated Friday without knowing it?" Of course, this was years before the film Groundhog's Day came out, but I'm editorializing. If we didn't know, then heck, every day can be Friday. Everyone's in a good mood, and we'd go into each day with all the same memories intact feeling great at work/school with all the potential energy of a weekend loaded up. In fact, maybe every day is Friday. In any case, I'll have no way of knowing until tomorrow.

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