A Favorite Bar

My favorite bar added one TV a few months back. This is the only bar I'll visit by myself in the afternoon. They have a fantastic roster of ever-rotating taps with craft beer, and they're almost all $3 (for an Imperial pint) until 8pm. If I could have hosted my wedding there, I would have. It's definitely where they'll host my wake, though I suppose I'll have even less say in that. The TV is on the wall opposite the bar, but I'll sit and look at it in the mirror over the tap handles of excellent beer. To a casual observer I would be the solo guy with a book I'm not reading in front of me staring at the wall with a blank look, then every once in a while I'd yell "yes!" when the team I was cheering for made a basket. I could just turn around, but then I'd deprive myself of the small measure of joy taken from being so odd.

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