The Steam Room

My gym has a small steam room in the men's locker room where I'll sometimes sit for 10 minutes after my workout. Yesterday I had a bit of extra time, so I went in and took a seat. Pretty much everyone except for a few oddball regulars at the gym will at least cover themselves with a towel while sitting in the steam room; this is common courtesy. The room is about the size of two large elevators, but the steam is typically dense enough that you can at least feel somewhat like you're in there by yourself. Yesterday when I went into the room, some naked guy was doing sit-ups on the floor. In any other room in the entire world, doing naked sit-ups while strangers sat 10 feet away would--without question--be considered inappropriate. But for some reason this guy assumed it'd be fine in this room. I left, and I wanted to say something to him, but I couldn't think of an appropriate way to tell him he as insane.

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