Disposable Phone

I bought a disposable phone and phone card for a friend the other day and it turned out he didn't need it, so I headed back to the store to return them both. I found out in short order that phone cards are not returnable, which I'd suspected, so I'm stuck with cost. Worse, I hadn't paid for the phone. The clerk who'd charged me during the original purchase had struggled with the transaction while a line stacked up behind me. In his panic, he never charged me. So I went in to the store to make two returns, and instead I was leaving with one thing I couldn't return, and one thing that I had to leave behind with no cash back. I pointed out the futility of the situation to the manager on duty, but he didn't do anything for me. In his defense, during the 15 minutes I was waiting for help, he caught a shoplifter and an underage kid trying to buy beer. It's a tough job.

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