The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken is the Robert Frost poem that every grammar school child has had to read, memorize, and recite for decades. It's the poem that every high school year book quotes, and people love using it when talking about striking out on your own and trying something new. I came across a travel company today that uses it in their marketing material. I love the poem, and I don't read much poetry, but if you find yourself looking to pass a bit of time at work, I suggest looking it up. The funny thing to me about all these people using it, is that to me it's not about going where few have before, it's about being totally lost in the woods. Maybe you have to spend some time lost in the woods to see it this way: You look at the paths, sigh, and pick one and stick with it. You're lost, though I suppose you could argue that getting hopelessly lost is the best way to get started again.

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