Road Trip Issues

After not getting much sleep on Thursday night and then working all day on Friday, I climbed into the passenger seat of a car on Friday night for a 12-hour road trip. I cannot sleep in cars (unless I'm driving), so I stayed up the entire night making sure that the driver didn't fall asleep at the wheel. It's been a couple years since I pulled an all-nighter, and I was surprised by how my body reacted. Just before the sun started to come up, I kept seeing deer along the edge of the highway. This put me on edge. It got worse when I saw the person running alongside our car on the highway. Or, you could argue that it got better because at least I knew that I was hallucinating from staying up so long, and there probably weren't any deer by the side of the road, so I could relax. I'm not even sure if deer live that far south.

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