The Mad Logic

A friend of a friend was at my house the other day, one of those people who you recognize as having a great heart, but they also have the capacity to drive you insane. This woman was asking about a picture I have on the wall. It's a line drawing representation of all the bike lanes in the city. I bought a frame for it that didn't quite fit, and she suggested that I replace the frame's mat with silver paper to make it "pop." I said, "No thanks" and she said, "Aw, it's just that you don't really like that picture. That you just, you know, think it's so-so." It's her assumption that I've already accepted her notion that silver mats on frames look good, and that they belong on every picture that you like...that's what drives me crazy. Well, not that specifically, but that logic exercised over and over for hours on end.

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