Office Shame System

Everyone in my office is sick. Well, that's an exaggeration. One person is healthy. Most of my workdays are spent waiting for the CDC to tent our building and send in doctors wearing hazmat suits. The big problem is that we're not all sick with the same thing. In the past three weeks I've had two colds and possibly the flu. Or it could be one grab-bag disease, the kind of thing you contract after eating off a salad bar or taxi cab floor. Everyone in my office keeps trading diseases, and this year it's been far worse than any I can remember. In an ideal world, people would stay home when they're sick. Or an even more ideal world, the first person who brought the virus into the office would have stayed home when they were sick, and then it wouldn't have spread. Instead of figuring out a cure for the virus, we just need a reliable way to shame people who spread it in the office. Like the dye that "turns blue when it contacts urine" in the pool.

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