Cold and Flu Season Questions

There's been a rather abrupt turn from fall to winter where I live. I began getting stuffed up the other day and assured myself that it was allergies. I'm sure a lot of plants pollinate when the temperatures change from 55F to 25F, right? Then came the aches, sore throat, headache, and itchy eyes. The notion of "itchy eyes" is most confusing of all. If you've never felt it, the phrase is inconceivable, but when you do feel it, well, they don't exactly itch, but it's the closest you can get to describing the symptom in your current condition. It baffles me that I get colds when it turns from fall into winter. And it's not just me, it happens to loads of people. Now, I'm no cold scientist, but it occurs to me that the common cold is a virus, so it makes no sense that everyone gets them seasonally. And the same with the flu for that matter. Why is there a flu season? And if it is based on temperature, shouldn't it be flu season somewhere in the world at all times? Then again it also makes no sense that a cure still eludes us for the most common of viruses.

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