Shocking Memory

Things have been busy and stressful at work lately. It used to happen at my old job, too. I'd drive home from work and find myself sitting in my car in the driveway, and I'd realize that I couldn't remember if I'd stopped at any of the stoplights, of if I'd even passed through any stoplights at all. I had a similar experience today. My boss left the company months ago, and I've been using her old office as bike storage during the day. I walked past her old office today and saw my bike, and it somehow shocked me that it was sitting there. I tried to dredge up a memory, any memory, from my bike ride to work and couldn't for a while. But the stop at the store and the ATM came back to me moments later. It was like one of those horror movies where people wake up covered in blood and wonder what happened, and then they're afraid to look in the back of their closet. Except I was just riding my bike.

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