Road Mountain Biking

The places I go biking are never far from the city, so they're always abutted by roads and highways. Once you get into the woods for a little while you find your peace anyway. You find the flow of trail and tire and everything from the city melts away. I almost always pack a small lunch and find a place to rest for a bit while I eat. It comes well into my ride once I've relaxed and shrugged off the commute to the trails, and the ride back into the city still feels ages away. Then about halfway through lunch I realize that the quiet space I've picked to relax and reflect is about as close as you can get to the highway on whatever trail I'm riding, and that the constant buzz of cars is creeping back into my system. Perhaps I'm drawn to the city noise, or maybe the tonic of wildness is so strong that it lulls me into ignoring this nonsense for a while. Either way, every time I realize that I've made the same mistake I can't believe that I've done it again.

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