Solo Travel

I'd spent a few nights in Prague already. My friend caught an early train back to Germany, and I was alone for a couple nights. I found a cheap apartment online and set up there for the following days. I'd already stayed in the old town and drank absinthe one night, and so I spent my last couple days trying regional food and lurking in local bars. The place nearest my apartment was a massive club, a labyrinth of tunnels and underground storehouses setup with dance floors and satellite bars. If it had been in the U.S., I wouldn't have spent a minute there, but I was out of town and trying to taste the local culture. While sitting at a table by myself, a man my age approached me. We shared stories and a few drinks, and he kept asking about my travels. "So you're just here by yourself?" I was, in fact, by myself, but if I can ever give any solo travelers any advice, it's to say you're waiting for your friends to arrive in a few minutes, and then you excuse yourself, say you have to visit the restroom, and you just get out of there. You might miss out on a wild night, but you also won't have to spend any time getting creeped out by some stranger wondering about how no one knows where you are.

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