Computer Help

Someone called today at my work with a question about how to download some photos. The person in our office who fielded the call couldn't help the person, so she transferred him to a very talented web developer who hails from Russia. He's one of our top guys, a person I love to work with since he has some kind of web magic where he can fix any issue I encounter. I can hear him when he talks on the phone, but it's not an issue as we seldom take phone calls. If you've ever tried to help someone you're unfamiliar with who's working remotely on a computer you can't see, it's difficult to diagnose the problem. After hearing him talk for about a minute, I kept hearing things like, "No, I'm not in Russia," and "I'm here in the office." It was clear that the guy who called thought he'd been sent to some overseas call bank. If the caller only knew.

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