Fresh Eyes

I've grown used to where things are in my house. That means things like tables, chairs, and magazines, but also things like garbage bags full of blankets, old skateboards and the Tupperware containers that my plant sits on so it doesn't warp the floorboards. I don't see these ugly things anymore. They're beige against a white background. It accounts for the price tag that's still on the painting, as well as the paint splatters all over the floor where I've grown too used to the spots to ever bother cleaning them. Same goes for the white spots on the wall that didn't get hit with the first coat of paint. But every once in a while, I'll take a look around as if I'm walking into the place for the first time, and I'll notice all these things, plus the coffee table that's just a box with a piece of glass on top of it. Faced with cleaning and accounting for all of these transgressions, it's better for you just to take a nap. Or lay on the couch and watch TV for 15 minutes. By the time you rise, they'll all have blended back in. And all your work will be done.

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