The Long Lost

I was walking down the street this morning and saw a woman who looked exactly like a woman I used to work with except this girl was about 20 years younger. The resemblence was uncanny. It's like when you see a police photo of a suspect who's apprehended 20 years later and they compare the new mugshot to the old drawing. I tried to sneak a picture but it got awkward. I really wanted to tell this lady I used to work with, but I couldn't think of a way to do it without it sounding super insulting to her. Then it occured to me, what if this girl I saw was the long lost daughter of my co-worker? I don't know if she ever had kids, and we were never close enough that she would ever confide in me that she'd once had a daughter and gave it up for adoption. But when people find their long lost kids or parents, so often they're living in the same neighborhood or working in the same city. Maybe I'll tell her I saw her twin, then tell her it looks like her twin had a lot of work done.

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