Built to be Ignored

My credit card company sent me an email a while ago informing me that they sell some of my information to other companies. I'm sure they've done it for ages, but due to some regulation change now they have to tell me about it. The subject line on the email must have been 50 words long, and the first 6 (the only ones I could see in my inbox) made it look like another stupid email from them that I should delete without bothering to open. These guys are so crafty. They could have made it as easy as "check this box" and we won't share your data, but instead I had to call them during some very specific business hours and first listen to a sales pitch on why I should pay them extra money to monitor my credit rating. Yes, credit card companies provide a service that's valuable to me; I just with they were happy with the already obscene profits they're making and would stop trying to trick me into giving them more cash.

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