Cheating Time

Photo by Ichabod

When I met my friend's former roommate he was single. He'd been single for some time. His girlfriend had cheated on him. As far as cheating stories go, it's pretty bad. This young woman would listen to and talk about the band Better Than Ezra all the time. And this was well, well past the height of the band's popularity, if it could even be called that. Well the band came to her small town and played a VFW hall or something, and she ended up cheating on her boyfriend with one of the band members. As if dealing with this kind of infidelity isn't bad enough, he has to know that it was a guy from a terrible loser band. I mean, if it was Keith Richards or David Bowie, well, it would still be bad, but at least you could commiserate with all the other guys who've lost their girlfriends to legendary rockers. You'll get no such relief from Better Than Ezra.

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