Internet Communication

I'm one of those people who lament the nature of easy communication. No one sits down and writes letters anymore, they just shoot emails, IMs and text messages back and forth at a reckless pace. Then I tried writing a letter and I figured out why no one writes letters anymore -- it takes forever. Plus you have to figure out something to say to people. With Facebook, Twitter and the 24-hour sharing the internet allows, there's really very little that you need to tell people. They already read it online and saw three photos detailing everything. And I've found that I'm more guilty of being a bad communicator than anyone. I realized the other day that unless it's about something really important, I don't even read text messages. I just scan them to get a yes, no, or whatever tiny bit of information I absolutely need. That realization came when I scanned a message and got a time to meet a friend, but then sat at the place for 15 minutes before re-reading message and also noting that the place, who was coming, and the time had all changed. My problem isn't that the internet has made communicating easier, it's that even though it's easy, I'm still really bad at it.

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