Dental Adventures

I was lying in the dentist's chair this morning, excruciating pain creeping from my mouth to the rest of my body, and trying to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to visit a dentist and have teeth that many third- or even second-world countries would consider very healthy. My dentist is something of an amateur when it comes to operating the pneumatic springs of the chair she sits in while she hovers over me, but I'm sure she's great a fixing teeth. But they do this thing that's a bit odd. At the end of the cleaning, her assistant puts a cloth over your face with a hole cut out where your mouth is, and then she blasts your teeth with a saltwater solution. It feels like your face is being sandblasted. I don't know what it does, but the first time that cloth was thrown over my face I thought I was getting kidnapped. But overall, it's a pretty exciting trip each time. And you don't get that at every dentist.

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