That Guy -- Gym Edition

There's a diminutive man at gym with a good coating of hair. He gets a savage workout, thrashing the elliptical machine like he's trying to break it apart. Elliptical machines look more like they're built for fairly delicate, somewhat graceful movement, so watching a guy hammer it like he's running in a nightmare is jarring if you're not used to it. This behavior of his does not bother me. In fact, it entertains me. What bothers me is that after his elliptical frenzy, he gets a two-step start before kicking the wall where everyone stands to stretch. He'll lay into it a few times with each leg, throwing kicks as high as his head. You can always tell people are new to the gym because they'll jump on his first kick. I can't blame them, it shakes the entire wall. Sometimes they'll even complain to him, but all he does is yell, "Hey man! It's a workout!" It is, indeed.

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