The Knife Guys

If you ever have a chance to watch the show Knife Guys on whichever TV shopping network employs them I highly recommend it. It's about as brainless and entertaining as a lot of TV programs out there, and the best part -- no commercials. The premise of the show is simple: two grown men try to sell knives. The knives are packaged in large kits that include several knives, swords, and display stands. One of their favorite techniques to move product is the two-minute clock. They ask the producer to 'throw a two-minute clock up there' to create some urgency, but then it always expires and there is no negative recourse. They can never stop talking during the show, but the sad truth is that there's very little to talk about. This makes for long, drawn out conversations about how shocked they are at the sheer quantity of knives being given away at a certain price. It's constant entertainment.

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