Packing for Travel

I used to travel with obscene piles of gear. My logic was that I was better off having everything I need just in case I wanted it, and in exchange I would endure dragging it around the rare times I needed to change location. It never worked properly. I wore the same thing every day anyway, and at the end of each trip I would unpack a bunch of nice smelling clothes that never left my suitcase. Now I go with one small bag, the pair of jeans I happen to be wearing at the time, and a couple T-shirts. My girlfriend also travels light. Actually, she travels 'very' light as she now just puts her stuff in my carry-on. My only fear is that a glass of wine gets spilled in my lap on the plane ride to wherever I'm going. It's fine on the way home, but a week of travel with a bright red stain on my crotch would make things far too difficult.

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