Just Hit Print

I worked at the gear shop alongside a retired accountant named Jerome. This guy had thrown in the towel on the corporate life early, and he worked in our shop's boat room selling kayaks. It was around this time that I was trying to go the other way and find a more conventional job, so Jerome was my go-to guy for questions about the subtleties of life in big business. I'd bought my first suit a few days earlier, so I stopped in the boat room to ask Jerome if you're supposed to wear a belt with a suit. Jerome probably wanted to grab me by the shoulders and shake some sense into me, but he just said, yes, you wear a belt with a suit. Minutes later I went back to work upstairs and hit 'print' on a some PR corporate job description I'd found online. It didn't come out on the printer by my computer, but a few minutes later, I heard footsteps on the stairs, and Jerome came up and handed me the paper without a word. I'd accidentally sent the job to the boat room printer. He must have figured that I wouldn't be long for the corporate world anyway.

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