Class Warriors

I fly more than I'd like to but it's still not enough to get me free upgrades to first class from coach. I was traveling with a friend who flies frequently for work, and he got the first class bump and was able to bring me along as his traveling companion. I'm not going to lie to you: First class is great. Free beer, attentive staff, ample space and reasonable food. No matter where I've sat when flying, I've always heard the crew announce that it's against FAA rules to move between first class and coach to use bathrooms. This always struck me as nonsense. And it turns out, I was right. There was a line at the bathroom and the stewardess sent me back to coach. Seems the security curtains are one-way only. While I was going into that restroom, a young man in coach gave me a really dirty look. I wanted to say, "No man, I'm with you. Coach brothers for life." When the plane landed and we disembarked, he pushed past me on the way out. Instead of getting angry, I tried to act as though he'd taught me a lesson about classless societies. Score one for the class warrior.

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