Halloween Costume Time

My plan this year was to dress as either one of the animatronic robots from the Showbiz Pizza Band or a beet. I never have good costumes, so this would have been a huge departure for me because both of these costumes are awesome. Feel free to steal either of them for your future Halloweens. Then again I always think my Halloween costumes are legendary but most people disagree. Last year I went as Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap. For the costume I wore a drug store wig and ordered a T-shirt with a neon ribcage printed on it. Even my Spinal Tap friends didn't recognize me, but in the end I got a cool T-shirt out of the deal, plus it was easier for me to negotiate the Halloween bar crowds in my T-shirt and wig than that guy who wore a refrigerator box and went as a robot.

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