Spying Eyes

I think the company across the street on the 9th floor went out of business. I also sit on the ninth floor, and my desk looks across the street right into their conference room and the hallway by their elevator. They had a lot of meetings were people laughed, and they all wore pretty casual clothes, so it must have been an okay place to work. Now I'll have one less thing to look at when I need a break from my computer screen. My favorite thing was to see people waiting for the elevator by themselves thinking they were unobserved. There was a lot of kicking and air punching from one of the guys, and most of them would gesticulate wildly once in awhile. If they'd ever looked my way during a meeting, they would have noticed a lot of me talking to myself. Now I find myself wondering what they did and if they left anything in their office that I should steal.

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