Sex and The City and Broken Faces

I used to hangout with a group of nice Midwestern women from time to time. One lived pretty fast and spent plenty of nights sitting in bars on school nights. Once I went to their house -- and this should give you an idea of how I was trying to ingratiate myself in their presence -- and watched an episode of Sex and the City. It's the only episode of that show I've sat through, but I can tell you that I'm 'totally a Samantha.' Anyway, I arrived at their house, and the heavy-drinking young lady was lying on the couch with two black eyes and a severely bruised face. I'd brought a six-pack to get through the TV show, and offered a beer to her. She declined and said that she had recently quit drinking. She then proceeded to try to convince me that her quitting drinking and having a sever facial injury were coincidental. I later found out from her roommate that she'd run into a window air conditioning unit sticking out of a house while drunk. Just another sad casualty of the rock-and-roll/Sex-in-the-City lifestyle.

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