First Concerts and Bootleggers

I attended a Bob Dylan concert when I was in middle school. It wasn't part of the coolest field trip ever; I went with some friends and their dad on a school night. The show was okay, but it was during Dylan's mumbling-concert phase, and as he didn't play anything from The Greatest Hits album, I didn't recognize any songs. My friends and I crowded near the stage, and we were shouting some misguided ideas about jumping off of it if we could get a bit closer. Some guy next to us tapped my friend on the shoulder, made the universal sign for quiet, then pointed at something in his pocket. Years later that I realized the guy was recording the show for bootlegging purposes. Some other guy in the crowd recognized what was going on though, because he ran up to the guy and starting shouting 'What's up! WHAT's UP" into the mic. If anyone has a bootleg copy from an early 90s Dylan show at Brown County Arena, let me know. My voice might be prominently featured right before the guy in the crowd totally ruined that tape.

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