Nutters Not in Cars

I spent an afternoon on foot in Charlotte, North Carolina and must have been the only sane person in that part of the city that didn't own a car. Everyone I saw walking or biking either yelled at me or yelled at themselves while passing by. Two people walking yelled at me while I was climbing over a stopped train, and the guy biking on the sidewalk yelled at me to take my headphones out so I could hear him telling me to move. The sidewalk was big enough for both of us, but he said it wasn't his first day on a bike. In that neighborhood walking instead of driving automatically means you're insane, and drivers treat you as such. No one in a car would give me directions or stop so I could run across the highway. Actually, I guess running across highways and climbing over trains is kind of indicative of insanity. Maybe they were right to trust their instincts.

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