Lo-Fi Long Distance Communication

I was running across the edge of a city park in New York to get into a cab that my friends had stopped and climbed into. The light had turned green and the cab was in the first spot at the light. Vehicles behind the cab were already honking when I spotted the guy about 30 feet away in a crowd. He was wearing a Varsity Bike Shop T-shirt. It was one of the old ones that our store owner Rob Dehoff gave out to the ten or so employees at his store. I remember when the only box with the shirts arrived and we split them up. There couldn't have been more than a dozen leftover. My dad got one; I never knew what happened to the rest of them. I wanted to talk to this fellow cyclist who'd obviously been in Minneapolis and almost certainly knew my friend Rob. I couldn't run over and chat, so instead I yelled "Rob Dehoff" at him as loud as I could and then jumped in the cab. I figure that the next time he sees Rob he'll tell him that someone yelled his name when he was walking in the park. I'll just get in touch with him that way.

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