Live Music and Beer

The enjoyment of watching live music is nearly ruined for me by the problem of getting beer at rock shows. I figure I'll want to drink four pints of beer during a two-hour set. That means that I can go to the bar myself four times, or I can go twice and buy beers for a friend who will then make the trip twice to buy me beer. This problem is compounded by the fact that my friends like to stand near the front of the stage, so every time I go back and forth I have to fight my way through the crowd. So now you're looking at trying to make your way through the crowd on two roundtrips with two full pints of beer. Tempers can get out of hand when you're pushing your way through a crowd and beer is involved. Then you know you're going to have to go to the bathroom at least once after four beers, so you're looking at another trip through the crowd for the bathroom. The argument could be made that you just don't have to drink beer at live shows, but I don't buy it. Have you tried listening to extremely loud live music without drinking beer? It's horrible.

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