Life Saving Food

Nutritional information labels on the backs of processed food packaging is confusing. A can of soda will be 2.5 servings, forcing you to do math including decimals if you want to find out just how fat you'll get from drinking the stuff all day. Then other food comes with nutritional information, but you add on a bunch of condiments, and you really have no idea what you end up with. I like oatmeal, but only after it's been covered in brown sugar. It's been explained to me that eating oatmeal is very healthy, but I'm sure there's a tipping point in there somewhere when you add too much sugar. The same could likely be said for other healthy foods. You can only put so much blue cheese salad dressing on your Romaine before it starts killing you instead of extending your life. This tipping point would (save vs kill) could be applied to the backs of food with nutritional information to make things more clear. Walking into a fast food store would be like going into a mortuary.

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