The Mystery Surrounding My Stolen Bike

So far I've only had one bicycle stolen. It was back in 5th grade, and I'm not sure it was technically stolen. It was either taken out of my parents' garage by a local hooligan, or I left it at school. If the former scenario is the case, then it was definitely stolen. The second scenario is where things get foggy. The only certainty in this story is that one day on the weekend I went out to the garage to get my bike and it wasn't there. I puzzled over its disappearance for awhile and asked my parents if they knew anything about it. We talked the problem back to the last time I rode it, and we arrived at the point where we were pretty sure that I rode it to school on Friday. The problem is that I'm not sure I rode it home. In this scenario, I forgot that I'd ridden my bike to school by the day's end, and I simply walked home leaving my bike in the rack. I walked back to school that weekend and my bike was no longer in the rack, which really isn't surprising since I'd never owned a lock back then. I've never really been sure what happened to that Columbia Big Boss with the white mags and neon detailing. Maybe I'll fill out a police report next time I'm back visiting my parents.

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