Blocked from Chat

I recently started a job where I go into an office. At this new office, instant messenger is blocked. This has never been the case at any of the interactive or online companies I've worked with. On my first day, I'm used to firing off an e-mail with my Gchat name and then getting dozens of replies with my co-workers' Gchats. And if a new guy starts and sends around a Yahoo! Messenger name, we'd all wonder how he got the job. The office where I work now has all chat blocked, and I realized today that I must be among the oldest people alive who has worked in an office environment for years without ever conducting business face-to-face. I actually got up and walked over to a woman's desk today to ask her a question in person. I felt like I was interrupting, but really you're interrupting every time you IM someone anyway--you just don't have to do it in person. I have yet to decide what time of business conducting I prefer.

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