Too Cool for School

I went to school sick on the day my 8th grade science teacher was running experiments in the hallway. He setup a course for a radio-controlled car and handed out stopwatches to everyone in the class. We lined the halls at the ready. I took a seat against the locker since the floor felt more stable with my back against the wall. It's kind of like the story that if you're lying in bed and it feels like the bed is spinning, then you're supposed to put one foot on the ground. Not sure if that works. Our class was timing the R/C car's run down the hall, but our teacher couldn't keep the car straight and we had to keep starting over. This experiment was, by all accounts, one of the cooler ones. It had us out of the classroom and holding stopwatches. The bar for cool experiments was set pretty low. At some point my frustration with my teacher's R/C driving ability bubbled over, and I mumbled something along the lines of 'come on man, let's get this over with' under my breath. He overheard, and as a self-appointed cool teacher in our school, had me try to drive the car instead of disciplining me in front of the class. I did terrible, and I'm pretty sure our whole class handed in incomplete work since we hadn't collected enough data. Thinking back, I never really took school too seriously, so the most baffling thing to me about the whole thing is that I was there on day I was even a tiny bit sick.

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