Neti Pots

I got hooked on the neti pot a few years ago. It's a small tea pot that you fill with salt water then jam up one nostril and tilt your head to pour the water through your sinuses. Water running through your skull is an odd feeling to get used to, but it helps immensely if you bike through polluted environments or suffer from allergies. I've been on the neti pot a few years now, but something odd has begun happening lately. Sometimes, a half-hour or so after I use it, I'll tilt my head forward and a bunch of water will pour out of my nose. I'm afraid that I've been using the neti pot so long that I've splunked a new cavity deep in my skull that is now accepting water. After I use it, I'll tilt my head to every angle I can in an effort to get rid of all the water, but then 20 minutes later I'll still get some salt water pouring out of my face. I realize this doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but that I'm willing to accept random salt water pouring from my face in exchange for the goodness of the neti pot ought to mean something.

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