Reckless Driving and Train Tracks

My friend considered it an honor to be the one to pick up our buddy from the airport after his couple months surfing through Australia and hiking in New Zealand. In his excitement and haste, my friend Shawn took a wrong turn on the way to the airport. A heavy fog had blanketed Minneapolis, and the tracks recently laid for the new light rail confused him. Instead of taking a left onto the roadway, he took a left onto the tracks. The frame of his car rested on the new tracks while all four tires hung suspended in the air. Instead of calling a wrecker or notifying the police, he got out of his car and ran the rest of the way to the airport. He was there to greet our friend and help him carry his surfboard back to the car, but when they arrived they were greeted by a few policemen standing around the site. Shawn is the kind of guy who can give a carload of friends a pirate-themed tour of any town--even one he's never been to. He's convinced people that he's Jimmy Buffet's nephew, and one time he managed to put up a tent using only one broken pole. I believe it was these skills that helped him convince the police to help him pull his car off the tracks and send him home with nothing more than a ticket for reckless driving.

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