Pyramid Sales Pitch

There are few things more hopeless than driving the width of Nebraska by oneself. The only remarkable encounter over the course of a six-hour drive are monstrous bugs that are ocassionally so thick you need to stop and get out the ice scrapper. It was during one of these breaks to clear the windshield of my Buick that I was first assailed. The man approached me and mentioned something about how the internet confounded him, but he was willing to bet that a youngster like me probably knew all about it. I admitted with a shrug that, yes, I did in fact know a thing or two about the internet. That was when he dropped the news that he belonged to a pyramid scheme in which he made millions, and the only work he did anymore was to enrich the lives of young, obviously ambitious men like myself. I soaked it up for awhile and then managed to plow through the rest of the drive without careening off the interstate. I forgot about it until a few years later when I was on a first date and somehow the conversation veered into these pyramid schemes. I told that girl about my encounter on the Nebraska highway with a pretty disparaging tone towards the schemes. Turns out that her dad got in on it early and now he only works a day week. I told her I'd possibly already met him.

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