The Kid Named Skyler

Skyler lived in the same dorm as our friend Travis. We met him one night when he was passed out drunk on Travis's floor. This was fortuitous as every single time we saw him after that he was also extremely drunk. We lost touch with Skyler for several years, and then in 2006 we began seeing him whenever we went out. We avoided him at first, but we saw him with such frequency that it became something of a phenomenon. We began to relish seeing the young man. I'd receive text messages from friends who ran into him while I was lying in bed on a weeknight, and we'd exchange Skyer sighting stories when we'd meet up. A couple years ago I moved halfway across the country, and left my Skyler sightings and lot of other fun times in the Midwest. Then last night I was walking down the street on the lookout for an available cab. I saw one and tried to hail it, but it stopped for another guy who was a few steps closer. He turned around, and I had my first Skyler sighting in three years.

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