Laughing Out Loud

At my old job everyone in my department chatted online even though we all sat right next to each other. It seems stupid, but it's less disruptive to your work to type out a few words instead of calling over cubicle walls. One of my coworkers was right in my line of sight, and I could see his profile, though he would have had to turn around to see me. Sometimes while chatting, I'd say something a little funny and he'd type LOL, meaning 'laughing out loud.' The thing is, I was able to actually see him, and he'd be sitting there with the same blank look on his face and definitely not laughing out loud. As a result, I don't feel like typing LOL is adequate to let people know when I'm actually laughing out loud, so now if something really makes me laugh out loud, I resort to telling people the old fashioned way. I say, "That made me laugh out loud," or if they're in the same room I'll just laugh out loud.

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