Dogs and Sweaters

It's rare that a non-crazy stranger will approach me and start a conversation while I'm walking around the city. It might be because I'm pretty tall and big and look a little intimidating, or it might be that I talk to myself a lot so they think I'm nuts. A few months ago, I watched a tiny dog for a few days. Walking a small dog by yourself invites women to approach you and start conversations--everyone knows this. The issue is that they actually start the conversation with your dog and will remember the dog and its name but never yours. The other night I accidentally discovered something even more effective than a petite dog if you're trying to make yourself approachable. My friends were cleaning out their parents' house and unearthed a small truckload of sweaters from the 70s and 80s. I chose a pink sweater with fringes for myself, and the rest suited up in a mess of multi-color wool blends and we headed out for the night. It was as if I'd discovered a new cologne that made humans flock to me. You pull on an ugly sweater and it's an invitation to the world to begin a conversation with you. And the best part is that sweater care is less of a drain on your finances and time than small dog care.

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