Early Bald Spots

I met a woman a long time ago who had a small bald patch at the top of her head. It was high school, and a bit premature for even men with insane amounts of testosterone to start going bald. Her hair wasn't exactly bald to the skin, but she had a small short patch right where male pattern baldness begins. The girl was also about four-and-a-half feet tall, so the top of her head was visible to most people. I hung out with her in high school at a local coffee shop, and at that age you didn't worry about timing or feelings when asking someone about their bald spot. Fortunately she was very open about it. It turns out that she'd had a bad haircut about two years earlier, and she'd tried to fix it but accidentally cut her hair too short in that spot. At that length it would only stick straight up, so every couple weeks she trimmed it back to the point where it still sticks straight up, but it's at the same length as the rest of her hair. Whenever I think back to her and those people I hung out with at the coffee shop, I still wonder if she's trimming her bald patch back every couple weeks.

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